1 may 2023

16:40    Bus transfer to Portalegre (Meeting Point of Lisbon International Airport)

2 may 2023

09:00Bus transfer from Rossio (Meeting Point) in Portalegre for the Campus Politécnico of Portalegre
09:30-10:00Check in (Anfiteatro E1, Campus Politécnico, Portalegre) 
10:00-10:30Official Reception at IPP (Anfiteatro E1, Campus Politécnico, Portalegre)
10:30-13:00Presentation of participant institutions (10 minutes each, maximum) (Anfiteatro E1, Campus Politécnico, Portalegre)
13:00-14:15International Tastes: bring your own taste and enjoy ours! (Sala 135, espaço lounge da BioBIP2TechTransfer, Campus Politécnico, Portalegre) (Dress Code: INFORMAL)
14:30-18:30Visit to the medieval village of Marvão (15 km from Portalegre)
18:30Departure from Marvão to Portalegre (Rossio)

3 may 2023

09:50Meeting Point: Serviços Centrais do Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre (near the Cathedral of Portalegre)
10:00-11:30ACADEMICS AND NON-ACADEMICS – Visit to Serviços Centrais (IPP Central Services) and Escola Superior de Educação e Ciências Sociais (IPP School in Portalegre)
11:30Bus transfer from Centro de Artes e Espetáculo (Meeting Point) to the Campus Politécnico of Portalegre 
11:45-13:00ACADEMICS AND NON-ACADEMICS – Visit to Escola Superior de Saúde, Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão (IPP Schools in Campus Politécnico) and BioBIP (Bioenergy and Business Incubator of Portalegre (in Campus Politécnico)
13:00Bus transfer from the Campus Politécnico of Portalegre (Meeting Point) to Rossio 
13:00-14:45Free lunch
15:00-18:00ACADEMICS – Teaching missions
15:00-18:00ACADEMICS AND NON-ACADEMICS – (Meeting Point: Rossio) Local Visits: Museu da Tapeçaria, Museu Municipal and Casa Museu José Régio
19:30Dinner in the Claustros do Convento de Santa Clara, Portalegre (Dress Code: BLACK TIE OPTIONAL)

4 may 2023

08:30Transfer from Rossio (Meeting Point) for the Campus Politécnico of Portalegre
09:00-13:00ACADEMICS – Teaching missions
10:00-11:00ACADEMICS AND NON-ACADEMICS – Portuguese Language For Foreigners by Professor Helena Cameron (Auditório dos Serviços Centrais, Portalegre)
11:00-13:00NON-ACADEMICS – Presentation and exchange of best practises from the different institutions (10 minutes each, maximum) (Auditório dos Serviços Centrais, Portalegre)
13:10Transfer from the Campus Politécnico of Portalegre to Rossio (Meeting Point)
13:00-14:45Free lunch
15:00-18:00ACADEMICS – Teaching missions
15:00-16:00ACADEMICS AND NON-ACADEMICS – Portuguese Culture For Foreigners by Professor Luís Cardoso (Auditório dos Serviços Centrais, Portalegre)

5 may 2023

10:00Departure from Rossio (Meeting Point) in Portalegre to Elvas
11:00-11:50Visit to Escola Superior Agrária de Elvas (IPP School in Elvas)
12:00Departure from Elvas (Meeting Point: In front of the Hotel D. Luís) to Campo Maior
12:30-13:30Visit to the Adega Mayor Wine Cellars (Campo Maior)
13:30-15:30Lunch at Herdade dos Adaens
15:30Visit to the Coffee Science Centre and coffee workshop

6 may 2023

06:30           Departure from Portalegre (Meeting Point: Rossio): Bus transfer to the Lisbon International Airport